Sunday, November 13, 2011

Announcing The Rebrading of iravefuzion to RAVEfinity!

Announcing The Re-branding of iravefuzion project and Raveh20 to RAVEfinity / The RAVEfinty Project!

Hello all!, it bring's me great happiness to say, RaveH20 theme has been in development for over one year now!

In honor of this anniversary we decided it would be a good idea rename it to something easier to say and cooler sounding! and in order to make it less confusing and give some "Unity" to the project we have decided to rename the entire Project from iRaveFuzion Project to The RAVEfinty Project. And the the theme from RaveH20 to RAVEFinity!

to sum up:

The iRaveFuzion Project is now the RAVEfinty Project

The next RaveH20 Theme will be named RAVEfinty 5.

RAVEfinity Now has a new website! (View It)

Expect RAVEfinity 5 April 2012! This is HUGE! :)

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