Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ambiance & Radiance Themes for Xfce/LXDE

Today we are announcing the release of something quite different then are usual work.
But we felt like it needed to be done for the sake of availability for the community. Yes thats right
the RAVEfinity team has brought together the primer port of Ambiance & Radiance Themes for Xfce/LXDE!

In the past there where multiple ports on the inter-webs but none quite all together in a all inclusive package. We literally dropped development on RAVEfinity 5 for 2 weeks to bring this together for the community. We hope to continue to maintain it as Ambiance & Radiance get updated. Theres not much else to say about it. We aren't getting into politics we did this just so you could have a unified theme of all your desktops. We find Unity,Gnome3 pretty great so thats definitely not why we created this. Anywho here it is:

The Ambiance & Radiance Themes (Newest 11.10 Versions) for Xfce,LXDE and Openbox!

This theme is a complete(And Probably the most comprehensive and tested out there) port of Ambiance & Radiance to Xfce,LXDE and Openbox with native window decorations and all.
Now you can easily have the look and feel of the Ambiance/Radiance themes (Default Ubuntu Themes) across any XFCE,LXDE and Openbox desktop. Leading to a unified and consistent desktop experience!

(!) This theme will not effect Ubuntu's Stock Ambiance & Radiance Themes so don't worry! it's totally separate!

(Based on the official Ambiance & Radiance themes, This is not however by the official Ambiance/Radiance team. but we made as few changes as possible.
Includes both: Ambiance & Radiance GTK2&3 Widget and Window border themes.

* Build to work with GTK3! Other Xfce or LXDE themes that don't support GTK3 yet look like Win95(TM) when running gtk3 apps! This theme won't do that!
* Installs as a separate theme from the main Ambiance/Radiance, for use with XFCE/LXDE only. (please use official Ambiance/Radiance for Gnome/Unity)
* Includes Ambiance/Radiance Window Borders for Xfce and LXDE! (Xfwm4,Openbox)

-Now Updated in 11.10.2 version...
-Now you can select what side you want the XFCE window buttons on! and arrange as you like! (Defaults to XFCEs Preference)

Brought to you by:The RAVEfinity Project Jared Sot.(ravefinity@gmail.com)

A HUGE (And large majority) of Thanks goes to: (They aren't affiliated with RAVEfinty, we aren't as awesome as them yet.)
Kenneth Wimer, James Schriver, Andrea Cimitan,David Barr,p0ng.

* See Readme in the tar.gz for detailed instructions and Credits.

(!) If you have any fixes or want to package it (Deb,RPM,Arch,Slackware), please email us:ravefinity@gmail.com
Thanks so much!

-11.10.2 , Lots Fixes and enhancements to XFWM4 and Openbox Window Borders!
-Now you can select what side you want the XFCE window buttons on! and arrange as you like! (Defaults to XFCEs Preference) -Yeah Merry Christmas :)
-XFCE Window Border theme now has a pretty window menu button.
-Fixes to XFCE Window border so it looks good no matter how many buttons are on the window.
-Fixes to Openbox theme, Title now centered. Dark version has a menu outline.

-11.10.1 , A few updates to docs and credits. (If you had the previous version from us you may not need to re-download this as we only changed docs)

-11.10 , Initial Build. (Stable)

(Install The Theme. *For Your User Account Only*)

To install The Theme for *your user account only*, Fallow these steps, They should work on any GTK2&3 *nix desktop.

1.) Click to Open Up the package file you just downloaded... "Ambiance&Radiance-XfceLXDE-11-10-2.tar.gz"
2.) Once Open, Click the "Extract" Button... Then Browse to: /Home/YourUserName/.Themes
(!)To see the folder (it's a hidden one!) press ctrl+h in this file browser window to view hidden folders. the folder we want to install it in is ".themes" in your home directory.
3.) Extract the complete package "Ambiance&Radiance-XfceLXDE-11-10-2.tar.gz" file (Folders and all)
to the ".themes" folder in your home directory.
4.) Select it VIA your Theme Manager! see bellow.
(!) This will install the theme for the current user only , Every user will have to do this on there own!, Thats why we recommend the system wide method (See readme)

Install The Theme. *System Wide*
*** Recommended Method! ***
(Note: this Method requires Root or SUDO privileges) (!) DO AT OWN RISK!

Install The Ambiance & Radiance-Xfce/LXDE Theme SYSTEM Wide:

1.) Open a terminal and type: sudo file-roller (Then type your password when asked)
-Fedora/Redhat Users Without sudo, type: "su -c file-roller" (Then type the root password)
2.) Now You will see the File Roller Archiver application...
Click "File -> Open" Then Browse for the package you just downloaded: "Ambiance&Radiance-XfceLXDE-11-10-2". Then click open.
3.) Once You've opened the "Ambiance&Radiance-XfceLXDE-11-10-2",
Select "Extract". Then Browse to the fallowing folder:"/usr/share/themes/" Then click ok!
3.)The Ambiance&Radiance-XfceLXDE Theme Should now be installed! Now all you must do is select the Ambiance-XfceLXDE or Radiance-XfceLXDE theme VIA your desktops theme manager!

-See the included readme file for how to install and use plus full credits (it's straight foreword but we are here to help)

(!)NOTE: Requires Ubuntu 10.10, Linux Mint 10, Fedora 14 and later (Because of theme engine) because you need to have murrine theme engine(Version 0.98 and newer!)
(!) Yes this is 100% GPL.

RAVEfinity now provides a way to easily Install this theme on Ubuntu. via a software PPA and package.
To Install this theme instantly on Ubuntu 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04.

1.) Press Ctrl+Alt+T (Or browse and open the terminal application from your app menu)

2.)Simply Paste this into the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ambiance-colors radiance-colors

(You may need to copy and paste 1 line after another. this is a Que of commands not 1 single command)

(!) You will now be prompted for your user password... type this in the terminal when asked
(This gives your system permission to install the software source. your password is not shared with anyone and only your computer verifies and keeps it.)

3.) Now Press Enter to confirm adding of the software.

4.) Type "Y" when asked to confirm if you wish to install the software.

*If you want the themes that support XFCE,LXDE and openbox paste this*
sudo apt-get install ambiance-colors-xfcelxde radiance-colors-xfcelxde

(NOTE) A PPA means you will receive updates through the update manager and never have to think about updating or manually installing the theme!

If you would just like to download the Ubuntu (.Deb) packages manually then just see bellow.

(!) NOTE: If you plan to use this theme on the LXDE desktop on Ubuntu 11.10, Mint 12 , Fedora 16. and later Please note there is a issue with LXDE and themes with a panel image leading to SIGNIFICANT wasteful CPU USE.

Please read this workaround guide to avoid this issue: http://iravefuzion.blogspot.com/2012/01/lxde-theme-issue-work-around.html

This issue effects new builds of the LXDE desktop ONLY and NO OTHER DESKTOP!

View it's download page on: Gnomelook.org

Download From GnomeLook.org

Download From Are File Host

Download Easy To Install Ubuntu, Mint & Debian Packages


  1. Hi
    I use Xubuntu because I don't like very much neither Gnome3/GnomeShell nor Ubuntu/Unity nor gnome-panel3.

    I changed two line in your gtk2 file (Ambiance theme): line 142: text[NORMAL] = shade (0.7, @fg_color_dark)
    line 343: fg[INSENSITIVE] = shade (0.7, @fg_color_dark)

    It's for the 'Add plugin' window for the panel and the inactive options in menus..

  2. Thanks for the comment. :) I had a classic Ubuntu desktop look and feel in mind for XFCE & LXDE when porting this theme. I hoped one could almost have a classic desktop look and feel (Minus some of the gnome2 panel widgets)

    And thanks so much for the suggested fix.
    I will check it out and hopefully implement it :)
    I couldn't find a fix without breaking LXDE
    You see if you comment out the *Panel widget in the gnome-pane.rc it fixes the add widget context box. but breaks the lxde panel. and makes xfce look uglier! I'll check out your fix thanks!

  3. Thank you ! The only themes that look good on xubuntu 11.10

  4. Thanks :) I'm glad it works for ya!

  5. Hello, man!

    Thank you for your work, you theme is really amazing and cool! I like green one.

    In topic you mentioned about PPA, where this ppa is situated?

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!
      Hope to have a even better green soon! in 12.04.1

      Here is the PPA Howoto: http://www.ravefinity.com/p/help-docs-what-is-and-how-do-i-start.html

      Alternately you can read the PPA instructions (They are sorta hiddenish) on the bottom on the download page:http://www.ravefinity.com/p/download-ambiance-radiance-colors.html

      Thanks. I just saw your comment (Sorry for the lateness)

  6. Hello

    Very thanks for these themes, I have a question there is a way to get the XFCE menu in dark grey with ambiance-colors, I only get in dark grey the menu bar but when I push the menu button, all menus are light.

    Again very thanks for these awesome themes.

    1. Hello!, Thank You for the kind words!

      Sadly There are No dark menus yet out of the box unfortunately (A Ubuntu Design decision). But I Hope to include the option for dark menus in 12.04.1 release of theme (Coming soon)

      But if you are set on having dark menus right now you can check out Ambiance Crunchy: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=151180

      It was based on our theme. (And it has our Xfwm4 and Openbox borders but modified)
      It's developed by great person who has contributed to us in the past.

      Hope this helps. Thanks