Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whats New? The Monthly Wrapup January!

It's just about February 2012 (In a few hours). I thought I'd just give an overview of what we have done this month (January) and plan to do in the coming weeks.... or months :)

What We Accomplished In January:

1.) Ambiance And Radiance Colors Version Received a Update (January 30th) Now at version 11.10.1 Bringing lots of new goodies as well the highly requested Gnome Shell support.

2.) Ambiance and Radiance Themes For Xfce and LXDE (A Port) received updates (I think back in December) with fixes and nice features like letting you put the window buttons anywhere you want!

3.) We have successfully launched a PPA for our themes providing prepackaged themes for Ubutnu 10.10 to 11.10. Mint and Debian as well.

4.) We have successfully got all of our current supported content packaged in .Deb format available in this PPA or installable outside it. Thanks to Dr.Amr for getting us started on that!

5.) We have successfully remapped and built our official homepage.

6.) We have successfully implemented a FAQ and complete Help Section to help anyone install and learn about themes on linux (BSD etc)

What Are We Up To Next?

1.) Creating a Colors Version Of The Default Ubuntu Icon Theme... To go with Ambiance And Radiance Colors Version. This was and continues to be highly requested! and we hope to get it done before the next release of Ubuntu. (They may/will change icons!)

2.) Fixes and Polish to Ambiance And Radiance Colors Version. Better Colors for the Window buttons (And overall) and implementing the "Simple Buttons" on Radiance "Improved"
When?: No Set Date Hopefully Before or After the Colors Icon Theme Launches.

3.) Finish and Release RAVEfinity 5 ! The RAVEfinity 5 Theme (Icon and GTK) is our upcoming flagship release. A original and unique theme designed Top to bottom by us in secrecy. Has been in secret development for over a year now! It's been designed redesigned and scrutinized from top to bottom! We really feel this theme will bring a highly beautiful unique theme to the Linux desktop!
When?: By Or Before Summer 2012

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