Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whats New? The Monthly Wrapup February!

It's that time again. A new mouth and a new list of things done and todo.
I apologize for the brevity of this post as I am quite tired. But it's a new tradition of ours to write the monthly wrapup on the last day of the mounth. So I can't screw that up (Just Yet.)

So what have we done in February? and what do we plan to do in the coming weeks?

What We Accomplished In February:

1.) We Created and Released the much requested Humanity Colors Icon Theme. The default Ubuntu Icon Theme in 8 Colors with both dark and light panel icon support. Goes great with The Ambiance and Radiance Colors Icon Theme.

2.)Once again we got that Humanity Colors Icon Theme packaged into the Offical RAVEfinity PPA. The Initial package was built Thanks to Andrew (From And Dr.Amr helped us once again setup a autobuild system. So the later versions 11.10.1 (and on) you have him to thank for the packaging :)

3.) We released a quick fix release to the Humanity Colors Icon Theme 11.10.1 . (Not a huge deal, just a few small fixes and adds a few panel icons)
If you are on 11.10 it's not a huge deal as we only added a few monochrome icons that some users where missing. But all users of the PPA should be auto updated. and you can grab 11.10.1 now if you'd like.

4.) We started heavy development on the Next version of Ambiance and Radiance Colors 11.10.3.

What Are We Up To Next?

1.) Finishing the Next version of Ambiance and Radiance Colors 11.10.3. This release will feature lots of enhancements. Including Window Buttons that look much better (Color Wise) They go well with the rest of the theme. Fixes so the gnome-shell theme is auto installed in the correct location automatically. Fixes to Xfce,Lxde and Openbox aspects of theme (Thanks to user submitted fixes) And quite possibly (and very likely) fixes and polish to the color selections for versions that need it... Like Ummm Cough: Red,Green,Orange so they don't look so "Unsaturated" After this release.

This is most likely the last major release of 11.10 series. until we pull from 12.04. You can expect this theme to fallow the stock Ambiance and Radiance themes closely.

We will be shifting some of are focus. As we no longer will hopefully need to be working on this theme "Full time" as it will hopefully will be in a great state and will only need to pull updates and changes from new Ambaince and Radiance versions then apply are modifications on top of that.

We hope to focus on our "flagship" works. The RAVEfinty 5 Icon and GTK theme. As well as our Wallpaper Pack. (While still maintaining and developing Ambiance and Radiance Colors, Humanity Colors, Ambiance and Radiance XFCE and LXDE of coerce.)

2.) Release a New Version of the Humanity Colors Icon Theme. With the Colors fixes we made in Ambiance and Radiance colors.

3.) Be ready for 12.04, Get all the themes Updated to 12.04 versions BY or a few days after 12.04 is out.

4.) Relax for 10 minutes and get back to work on RAVEfinity 5 (You Know that Flagship Theme That thing we've been working on for over a year now...)


  1. Please, update radiance-colors and ambiance-colors for precise!

    1. I hear ya! I wish it worked 100% right now :) Well we hope to have it out on or within 3 days of 12.04's Release.

      We have made the decision to not merge from the beta in this cycle (Due to lack of time and testing.)

      Do you use 12.04 as your main OS already?

      Thanks Have A Great One.