Friday, March 30, 2012

Ambiance & Radaince Colors 11.10.2

NOW! Shipping/Downloading Immediately The NEW "Ambiance & Radaince Colors 11.10.2" Theme. Fixes, Enhancements New Features and more! RAVEfinity is proud to release 11.10.2.
Now if you will excuse us we have more work to do (Expect the 12.04 version very soon.)

Ambiance & Radiance Colors Theme for Unity, Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Gnome 2 (Mate), XFCE ,LXDE & Openbox desktops, (GTK 2 & 3)

The Ambiance & Radiance themes are now in all the colors of the rainbow!, And then some! Now you can have any color Ambiance or Radiance theme you want!

Comes in 8 Different Colors
in both versions! Colors include: Red, Orange (Different from Ubuntu orange), Yellow , Green , Blue , Purple , Graphite (Grey) and Pink!

Now in 2 Versions! Now in Ambiance and Radiance improved design And in the "Classic" Ambiance and Radiance design used in Ubuntu by default. Yes thats right every color comes in both ambiance and radiance AS WELL is in Classic or Improved ambiance and radiance.

(!) Updated 11.10.2 Version (March 30 2012), Brings lots of new enhancements and some fixes. Like:

Completely redesigned Window Buttons Full of color, Easier to see. Better Looking!

NEW Ambiance and Radiance "Ice" Window Theme. A theme color neutral window theme.

Gnome Shell Themes are installed and work by default.

Xfce and LXDE themes work alot faster and more efficient. "Xfce Add New Widget Window" Now Displays Correctly.

Radiance Window buttons now benefit from the redesign.

Now Available in a Official PPA or Ubuntu, Mint or Debian Packages!

View More Info or Download On GnomeLook.

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Get Help Installing or Using The Theme.

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