Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mounthly Wrapup March.

It's that time again. Another mouth another monthly wrap-up. Lets get to it...

What We Accomplished In March:
1.) We Released Version 11.10.2 of the Ambiance & Radiance GTK Theme (March 30th)
2.) We have successfully planed the feature lists and activity's for the next 12.04, and 12.04.1 Versions of Ambiance and Radiance Colors.
3.)We are now planning on releasing version 12.04 a little before 12.04's official release.

What Are We Up To Next?:
1.) Releases Ambiance and Radiance Colors 12.04. with Ubuntu 12.04 support (Very Soon We Hope) We hope it doesn't break anything in 11.10.

2.) Release a updated version of Humanity Colors Icon Theme. 12.04.]

3.)  Work on next version of Ambiance and Radiance Colors. 12.04.1 with redesigned (Improved) colors and Openbox themes.

4.) Try To Get time work on RAVEfinity 5 Theme and Wallpaper Collection.

We aploigize for the brevity of this post but we are busy at work on whats next!
Have a good one all!

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