Saturday, April 28, 2012

NEW Release!: Ambiance & Radiance Theme For Xfce/LXDE Desktops 12.04

Ambiance & Radiance Theme For Xfce/LXDE Desktops 12.04

The Ambiance & Radiance Themes (Newest 12.04 Versions) for Xfce,LXDE and Openbox!
NEW! Updated for and now supporting Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

This theme is a complete(And Probably the most comprehensive and tested out there) port of Ambiance & Radiance to Xfce,LXDE and Openbox with native window decorations and all.

Now you can easily have the look and feel of the Ambiance/Radiance themes (Default Ubuntu Themes) across any XFCE,LXDE and Openbox desktop. Leading to a unified and consistent desktop experience!


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Get Help Installing or Using The Theme.

Licensed Under the GPL v2.0
Based on GPL work by: Canonical (Ubuntu Linux) Kenneth Wimer, James Schriver, Andrea Cimitan,David Barr,p0ng. and RAVEfinity (See README for full credits & details)

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