Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Themes For Ubuntu 12.04 Themes Are Now Out!

 Saturday April 28th 2012   Jared Sot (of RAVEfinity):

It brings me great pleasure and a huge sigh of relief to finally be able to announce to you that all three of our "Flag-Ship" Themes have been updated for and now fully work with and support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS!

Updated for 12.04:
Ambiance & Radiance Colors (GTK Theme)
Ambiance & Radiance XfceLXDE (GTK Theme)
Humanity Colors (Icon Theme )

Do to the Major changes to the "Theme" Core of Gnome/GTK 3.4 (Ubuntu 12.04s base) The themes had to be completely "Re-Ported" and "Rewritten" in many spots to support 12.04. If thats not enough We had to do this for every color and variant. (Though semi "automated" in some spots) And then we had to test every color and its, gtk3 gtk2 , xfce4 ,metacity, GnomeShell theme and more! We DO NOT Release work that has not been toughly tested.

So we Essentially started work on April 1st and have brought 3 new stable releases to you by the 28th of April. Not bad but we will defiantly start earlier next time  :)

Special Thanks to all those people who reported the theme wasn't working on 12.04 yet. You got us motivated and in gear. Thanks

A few quick reminder/announcements:

The 12.04 version of the GTK themes work on GTK/Gnome 3.4 Ubuntu 12.04 and newer ONLY. It is not backwards compatible.  (Distros from April 2012 and Newer)

The 11.10.2 and 3 Versions of the themes are still available and still support Gnome/GTK 3.2 & 2 on 11.10, 11.04. (Distros from October 2011 and older)

THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE HUMANITY COLORS ICON THEME. Version 12.04 of that works on any version! 10.04-12.04  (And Yes it has been updated with 12.04 support hence the name)

Also We have decided to change the way the releases are posted to this blog.
You will see a picture A link to our download/info page and a little info and perhaps highlights. But we will no longer "Paste Our Entire GnomeLook Page" on this blog. HAHA.

Anyway Thanks and Enjoy Folks.

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  1. hey everyone i found some cool themes here for 12.04 hope you all liked them as much as i did :)