Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whats In A Name. (Story Behind The Wallpaper Collection Naming)

This is a semi fun post. So some users have noticed the "Clever" or "Funny" Naming of some of the wallpapers in the RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1. 

We had to name a lot of wallpapers (A lot not even included) and we drew inspiration for those names from many places. Music, People , Movies, books and other media.

Here is a highlight of some of the names and what they are from or references to:

Precipice - Refrence to Lights song "Heavy Rope"

The Street And The Cobbler - Reference to the cartoon movie "The Theif And The Cobbler" The Non Signing version. EG: The original/ semi-unfinished work print.

Steele Star - Reference to Canadian actress/singer Cassie Steele.
Shuttleworth Galaxy - Reference to that guy named Mark Shuttleworth Perhaps you know him? :)
Carle Paper Squares - Reference to Eric Carle, Author of the classic "Hungriest Caterpillar" book, this wallpaper mimics the art style sorta.

Down By The Sea - Reference to the "folk" song.

Sandy Bridge - Reference to the processor line by Intel.

Precise Peacock - Reference to Ubuntu 12.04 codename

Maverick Meerkat - Reference to Ubuntu 10.10 codename

Checked Nights - Reference to a race track in Kirby Air Ride. (TM)

Suits You - Reference to a common a saying.

Urban Lines - Reference to "Dashboard Confessional" Song "Standard Lines"

Wooden Plaink-ing - Reference to the weird trend of "Planking"

What It Says On The Tin - Reference to a  English saying.

Plaid Cool - Plaid this a style or design, it sounds a lot like the english work "plain" as in "plain cool"

Heavy Bricks - Refrence to Lights song "Heavy Rope" again.

Zee Amped Leather - Zee was added to make it at the bottom of the file list, Amped is a reference to the popular "Amp Energy Drink"(TM) By Pepsi(TM) without which this release probably wouldn't be possible (I'd probably fall asleep or get tired)!  :)

Rainy Sunday Mornings - Reference to "Michelle Branch" Song "Tuesday Mornings"  
Street Smarts - A saying. Also a old TV show game show?

MetaTrix - A Made up word , but reference to games and applications I wrote back in the day. "Eagle Matrix" (Never released)
Heres a chart of the wallpapers:

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