Saturday, April 26, 2014

Coming Soon, Humanity Colors 14.04 Icon Theme

For those wanting the Colors Icon theme to be updated...

We hope to release it within the next few days, A little more testing and changes need to be merged but we hope to get it out by Monday or Tuesday we can't promise for sure but it looks hopeful.

We are quite proud of how it turned out, This along with the other Ambiance & Radiance 14.04 Colors is what we envisioned from the start, Darker Vibrant Colors that pop! it not easy selecting the best color there are millons/billions of them. Are monitor was not up to par before either so things didn't look how we wanted. Now it is. We can still improve, Yellow and Orange for example need a little more tweaking down the road as does everything probably.

The Icon theme has been redesigned top to bottom with newer more vibrant colors that pop. It's also more efficient and compact compared to the previous build (As a result you need Ubuntu Mono, and Humanity Icon Themes installed for it to work, As most Ubuntu users will already have.)

 Oh yeah I don't forget where they are taking the hobbits...

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